Industries We Serve

Food quality being of core importance in our lives, quality of crops, seeds and related products is the prime focus in curtailing hazard factors in food industry and for export of any agricultural produce. Physical, chemical and microbiological assays as per standards are undertaken for complete risk management.

Our services to the corporate industry is built on the mutual focus of health welfare and safety. Regular checks on food served at dining counters will help assess the intrinsic food quality in terms of contamination factors and hygiene parameters which may not be apparent.

Quality of animal feed and its ingredients is crucial in terms of FCR and animal health. We provide complete quality testing facility to poultry, cattle, equine and aqua industries. Hygiene audits at various stages of production and processing are also provided.

Microbiological examination of food as per FSSAI and BIS standards ensure reliable information regarding its quality, the sanitary conditions under which the food is processed and effectiveness of food preservation. All tests towards total hygiene and sanitation including hygiene audits are provided.

We cater exclusively to the food industry and its allied industries for physical, chemical and microbiological assessment of various foods and food ingredients, water, beverages etc. In addition to nutritional assessments and shelf life assessments etc, tests specific to processed and packaged foods as per FSSAI ,BIS, AGMARK and other approved standards are conducted. Apart from this, various microbiological and hygiene/sanitation related assays are provided as per FSSAI ,BIS and HACCP standards towards food safety measures.

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